I Need A Bondsman – What Now?

Getting arrested and put into jail can be a most traumatic and harrowing experience. In USA, the accused are released against bail bond. Bail bond is a legal document where in the person promises to pay court a fixed amount in case he does not present himself before the court for the trial. Generally the bail amount is too high for a person to be able to afford.

This is an issue which should not be taken lightly. If not addressed properly, it could lead to increased crime rate. Every member of the society could play a role in helping gamblers. It could be in the form of any contribution to some support group which is helping gamblers. The most important step for curing a problem gambler is identifying him.

How serious are the charges? The more serious the charges are in the crime, or the more serious the crime is, the less likely it is that you will get a low level or be able to leave the jail. If you are facing illegal possession, that may be a lower risk level compared to someone who was in possession and injured a person as the result of his or her actions.

In working with a California bail bonds company, you’ll only be required to post 10% of the total amount of what a person’s bail has been set at in order to get them out of jail. Usually, this is paid in advance of release from jail. However, you may want to look for a company that offers various payment options. For example, are you ready to pay cash or will you want to use a credit card? Do you need a payment plan? Are you prepared to put up collateral or will you be looking for a no collateral bail bond? Are you prepared to go to a bail company’s office or will you want to complete your bail bonds online?

You must use your time wisely while you are out of jail. If you do not have an attorney, you need to secure a good one as soon as possible. If you do have an attorney, and you are not happy with him or her, now is the time to select a different one. Give the lawyer all of the information needed related to your case. People who are employed should make arrangements to take off from work to attend court. You should do your best to make sure that your bills are paid up and in advance if possible. If your attorney tells you that you might be under house arrest as a penalty for a crime, you should consider seeking a job that allows you to work from home, or you can start your own work from home business. You might need a significant amount of time to gather funds to pay for your legal fees.

Bounty hunters in the United States have very wide legal powers under the law. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1872 that a bounty hunter can cross state lines in pursuit of a fugitive, break the door down where he is hiding and arrest him even on the Sabbath. Bounty hunters are really agents of the court and are not as restricted by the law, as are police officers. Once the fugitive is located and arrested, he is brought back to court to face the judge. The bounty hunter receives a ten percent commission based on the amount of the bail bond.


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